I’m back on track again.

While there is still life, there is still Hope

This is the Blog all about.

I was in trouble this past months. 
But hardships always let us realize that we're still living. 
And the fact that we continue to live, 
always give us the thought of keeping our HOPE. 

A hope that means hope for life 
A hope that everything will come to its end. 
A hope that everything happens for a reason. 
A hope that there's always a rainbow after the rain.

This post is a proof that i have that HOPE and FOREVER will 


SAM_0139I Get Excited and I just can’t hide it

Let’s take a note of the Word for Today “Multipotentialite”

Is this the First Time you’ve ever heard this Word?

Well, don’t worry we’re on the same shoe

Let’s check it together then…

Let me quote it from Puttylike

“An educational and psychological term referring to a pattern found among intellectually gifted individuals. [Multipotentialites] generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these choices.”  – Wikipedia


Whats with the Word?

The Story goes like this…

I’m a kind of person who always wants something new and gets bored with nothing and the same things to do over and over again. And since, I have my Free Time with a Computer in the Office, the Searching starts. Till I found it and keep on reading interesting Thought from the Change Blog. Because I Want to Make Change Happen 😉

Then, One day I unexpectedly come across the Writer, Ms Pooja Lohana with her Post entitles “How I Listened to My Heart Even When I Made No Sense”

And there, I was Awaken and the thoughts I’ve read clears out my Confusions about myself.

Would you believe if I say I’m Multipotentialite just like what she just described?

Sooner or Later You’ll Know Why..

Liezel Lopez here saying:


Power of Creative Visualization

Oh Hello!!!

I once again inspired to visit my Blog.
Well, it’s so pretty obvious I am not a consistent Blogger.
But in all honesty, every day and every night Thoughts are running through my mind…..
And almost every single day I would visit a site and a BLOG.

I am that type of person who always wants for something NEW.
And who always check and search how I can be of Help.
May it be to someone, to a group or to the Community?

But then,
Obcourse, things should start from within….

And I’m so grateful I’ve come across this site to teach me How.
Try to check Mindvalley you will surely learn tons of things.

And Yes, one of which is the power of MEDITATION



Am I Meditating?

Actually I’m not. I’m just having fun.

But Seriously, Meditation plays a very important role in our lives .

It awakens your inner Heart’s desire. It gives you Hope. It opens up your mind to Possibilities. And makes you believe that Everything’s possible.

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“My Journal”

One Early Morning when I woke up….

Thoughts just slipt into mind to check my Buddies…

and unexpectedly, I decided to write…


— Those times that i don’t have someone to turn to and talk with, I don’t worry coz I have My Journal and Pen. Yes, they won’t say anything but I find it the best Experience to be with them. Coz I could always state everything in mind and show my true feelings…

Especially those time when I’m very Grateful

ImageAnd Yes, I am so Grateful. And I love to Start my year with a Happy Heart with full of Thanks and Praises to the Almighty Father

Meet my Buddies:

My Journals

My Journals


People who succeed perceive failure as feedback. They use this feedback to change their strategy and take action again. They repeat this process over and over till they get what they want.


Meet my Favorite Author..    Mr Francis Kong

There’s that One Word sink in my Mind at these present moment of Adversities …. “CHANGE’

Then, undoubtedly i turn to my Favorite Author’s site and search about it. And there I found the Message.

(Sir Francis, I hope it would be alright to Re post it.)

And there it goes…

“Ah… change is hard and it’s not easy.” A famous line from the children’s movie that teaches adult lessons entitled: “The Lion King.”

Why is change hard? One would wonder.

SOCRATES says: “No man will change for the better until he sees the need for it.”

Famous athlete and motivational speaker Dr. Ola Madsen sent me a material that is very interesting. Listen to this:

“People who succeed perceive failure as feedback. They use this feedback to change their strategy and take action again. They repeat this process over and over till they get what they want.”

Dr. Ola is right. I have met leaders who would never admit mistakes. They pass the blame all over the place. Pointing fingers at people, pointing fingers at circumstances and never looking at themselves in the mirror. These are people who have pre-determined in their minds that they will defend the status quo to the death.

Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Why is it that so few people are willing to keep changing and taking action until they get what they want?
  • Why do so many people quit along the way?
  • Why do so many people even procrastinate in initiating action?

The reason is that while everybody desires to succeed, only a few are truly COMMITTED to their goals. People whose goals are nothing more than desires will only do whatever is within their comfort zone to achieve it. Beyond that, what they give themselves all kinds of excuses for not doing it.

Dr. Ola says:

5% of people are COMMITTED to succeed.

95% of people WISH, HOPE, WANT, LIKE TO succeed.

5% they make it a MUST to DO whatever it takes.

95% act within their comfort zone and give lots of excuses.

When a goal becomes a MUST we operate from a different mind-set.

I speak with HR people all the time. They say that change is difficult to achieve. It is actually not an organizational problem, it is a challenge that you and I need to face every day.

Do you know that there are 3 Certainties in Life:

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. Change

And most of us can handle the first 2 better than the 3rd one.

Sometimes I think that the only change people like is dirty diapers. :)

Change is impossible unless people believe it is possible.

Now here is what I have discovered.

The reason why change initiatives in organizations do not succeed most of the time is because you cannot rally people to change through a wonderfully prepared PowerPoint

Presentation. People change only when they could FEEL the need to change. This is why knowledge alone cannot accomplish goals. People need to buy in to the idea that the change initiative will be for their own benefit.

Yeah right, and then I said to myself.

This will be the last time that I would always desire for a Change in the same situation I am in the last time I said it.

Coz, the next time I’ll mention about it. It would be a Different Change.



Road to the Centennial ^_^

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?



ImageI’m so blessed to be a part of the ‘Kadiwhat” booth Personnel. It was so much FUN FUN FUN